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Amazon Web Services

Accelerate your digital transformations, grow your businesses and improve your customer experiences with OURS GLOBAL’s Amazon Web Services. Combining Digital Cross Connect System (DXC) Technology and Amazon Web Services our solutions will integrate your platforms as per your demands. Reducing your upfront expenditure our Amazon Web services will enable you for discovery, migration, modernization and management of application workloads on the AWS Cloud.

Providing cloud solutions which leverage rapid innovation and comprehensive industry knowledge our services will not only minimize your capital expenditure but also provide a platform with maximum security and agility. With low and ‘pay as you go’ price structure provided from Amazon, we will maximize your customer satisfaction with skillful allocation of your resources.

Empowering you for constant iteration, experimentation and innovation, our solutions will enable you for scaling up and down as per customer demand and cost management. Outsource your Amazon web Integration service requirements to OURS GLOBAL and benefit with a digital business infrastructure in Amazon Web and improve your brand exposure, sales leads and in turn ROI.

Our Amazon Web Integration Services comprises of :

  • Managed Services : Realizing the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) our certified AWS engineers will manage the design, migration, security, operation and optimization of your AWS cloud. Focused on driving your business growth, we will deploy and configure applications, monitor its performance, resolve AWS incidents, back up and initiate disaster recovery.

  • Advisory Services : Providing business intelligence driven strategic insights, our advisory services will scale up your revenue and enhance your platform with key driving inputs. Optimizing resource usage and billing, validating & consulting application architecture, implementing auto scaling and resolving queries our team of experts will minimize costs, maximize performance and security of your platforms.

  • Custom Solution Development : Get tremendous advantage over your competitors with wide variety of custom solutions such as best seller ranker tracker, keyword rank tracker, listing optimizer, email solicitation tool, negative review tracker, seller feedback tracker, Amazon refund tracker, Order management tool and sales & income/ Expense Analysis tool. Our team of expert developers will design and develop tools as per your requirement.

  • Integration and Migration : Focusing on a hassle free operation of your Amazon Web Platform our AWS cloud integration services will allow you to integrate on-premises and cloud applications for simplifying and transforming your business processes by taking advantage of cloud capabilities. Transferring data, applications or other business components to your Amazon web platform, our Amazon web service specialists will assist you through stages of migration by providing personnel and effective tools.

Why outsource your Amazon Web Service Requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers maximum quality Amazon Web Services
  • Modernization of your current IT asset base
  • Preparation of your businesses for future digital transformation
  • Team of well experienced and skilled analysts, developers and Amazon web specialists
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Increased Business Agility
  • Faster disaster Recovery
  • Uncompromised Security over your business related data

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