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Block Chain Services

Capitalize with efficient supply chain services from OURS GLOBAL blockchain services for minimizing frauds, verifying transactions and creating error-free business models. We have delivered custom blockchain solutions to diverse industries such as healthcare, banking, and real estate for over 10+ years. Adopting, integrating and realizing blockchain networks our blockchain will amplify your business value. Holding your transactions in a secured and encrypted manner our solutions will record them in digital form.

Conducting trusted and secured transactions our blockchain solutions will also prevent alter/ modification of data. Our experts will assist you at every step of blockchain adoption ranging from Design Thinking-led assessment, rapid prototyping and pilot development to overall implementation of our solutions. Our experience in hosting blockchain solutions in multiple industries has nurtured strong integration capabilities for eliminating all challenges and maximizing the security & privacy over your data.

Harnessing the power of blockchain technology we will enable you an ecosystem of trust with your suppliers and drive effective consensus management, data exchange standardization and business process re-alignment across network participants. Thus our blockchain services will amplify the potential of your network.

Why choose Block Chain Services?

  • Enhancement of customer loyalty through trust & transparency
  • Reduces dependencies over intermediary organizations
  • Advanced encryption of Blockchain for utmost security
  • Faster transaction without any risk of losing the data
  • Established, secured, and transparent way free from risks, frauds, and alteration of data
  • The smarter, modern, and efficient business processes for business growth

Our Blockchain services comprise of :

  • Blockchain Development : Strengthen your critical network and hardware requirements with our blockchain applications and protect your business from cyber-attacks. Blending an array of tools, technologies, and protocols, our experts will create blockchain applications with maximum security and reliability. Our blockchain solutions will fix data tampering issues by enhancement of your business application, block-chain based networks, and fin-tech solutions.

  • Threat-free Wallet  : Enable your users to transfer digital currency and monitor their balance with our threat-free wallet development services. Our cryptocurrency wallet development experts will enable you to benefit from a decentralized, secure and transparent wallet system. Parallel to all security standards, our experts will blend best-in-class technical expertise and quality assurance for the development of your threat-free wallet solutions.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges : Our expert developers will craft robust and hack-proof platforms compatible with Android/iOS and web platforms. Empowering your users for real-time, secure & efficient exchanges our platform solutions will also advocate fiat currency purchases. Our professionals will operate these platforms for assuring the most attractive rates and world-class security. 

  • Digital Contract Development : Designing, developing and optimizing self-executing business contracts for public and private blockchain networks, our experts will implement secure coding to automate Rootstock and Ethereum. Auditing these smart contacts, our experts will prevent hackers to take advantage of your digital currency platforms.

  • Private Blockchain Development : Enabling you to decide who will participate in your network for performing transactions and managing blockchains in a decentralized manner our custom public blockchain software and development solutions will drive low-risk transactions abided to KYC (Know Your Customer) authentication. Customizable for any business model as per your requirements our solutions will assure maximum security, scalability, and TPS (Temporary Protected Status). 

  • Supply chain management through Blockchain : Assisting your businesses in reducing costs, maximizing process speed, and customer satisfaction our supply chain management will empower you for error-free information sharing. Assisting you with traceability and transparency in information sharing our services will solve problems in the supply chain network making it clear and secure. 

Why outsource your BlockChain management service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified Blockchain management company
  • 10+ years experienced blockchain management service provider 
  • Strict adherence to NDA Terms
  • Cost-effective & timely quality solutions
  • Flexible engagement models as per your business requirements
  • Complete transparency in our blockchain management operations
  • Agile development process for assuring quality 
  • Team of certified experts focussed on your projects
  • 24/7 customized support

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