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CRM Application Development Services

Maintain your customer records efficiently with OURS GLOBAL's CRM Application development services. Sufficing your needs for customer service, marketing sales, and business success our applications will drive accurate data collection and reporting. Our team of CRM experts utilizes best practices, technologies, and tools for the development of CRM applications. Offering development services to diverse business verticals such as Public Sector, Utilities, Aerospace and Defense, Life Sciences, High Tech, etc our solutions will enhance business workflows.

Incorporating high-end CRM tools our CRM applications improve a facet of business activities ranging from direct marketing, database management, to customer information management. Our team of experienced developers will implement CRM solutions that study customer behaviors towards products and consistency of solid products etc for the efficient promotion of your business. Our tailor-made CRM solutions crafted parallel to your business requirements accelerating growth through error-free communication with your consumers. Thus CRM will help your businesses in driving profits and business excellence.

Why choose CRM?

  • Increased productivity with accurate customer information
  • Efficient documentation of every customer interaction
  • Automated sales processes for raising legal issues, form filling and report generation
  • Improved lead generation through customer contacts, past purchases, etc
  • Centralized data system for accessing customer data
  • Analysis and reporting on sales inspection, customer interaction, etc

Our CRM Development Services comprise of :

  • CRM Application Development : Combining practices, strategies, and technologies, our developers will improve customer relationships, customer retention and sales growth with custom CRM applications. Compatible with multiple platforms our solutions will consolidate your customer information into a unified CRM database for easy management and access. Compiling data from different channels our CRM solutions will provide detailed information on customer information, purchase history, buying preferences and other concerns.

  • Selection Consultancy : After a comprehensive study over your business, our consultant could plan appropriate technology and features for your business requirements. Designing holistic approaches for simplifying implementations and optimizing productivity our consultants offer round the clock on-demand consultation services. With a deep knowledge of the development/deployment of software and support service our consultants will ensure steady business flow.

  • CRM Integration and Deployment  : Integrating your CRM website/marketing automation software with other business applications our services will develop custom CRM solutions. Integrating your CRM systems every customer will be tracked and added to the knowledge database. Various departments will be upgraded with competitive advantages through connections with other systems.

  • CRM Customization : Sufficing all application requirements of your business with essential features we will empower your clients with custom CRM solutions. Understanding the uniqueness and complexities of your business/ enterprise our CRM customization of your applications will support the business practices as per your requirements. 

  • CRM Support and Maintenance  : Offering maintenance & support services, our developers and engineering will enhance your workflows for the efficient working of your CRM systems. Checking and resolving any configuration issues with crucial tools our support and maintenance services will grow your business with strategic initiatives.

  • CRM Portal Development : Empowering your business/enterprise with the development of portals for building, sharing, interchanging and reusing of knowledge our CRM developers will also incorporate features as per your business requirement. The public/private portal will only be accessed through unique URLs, login ID, and password as per your requirement.

Why outsource your CRM application development services to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified CRM application development
  • Development of CRM software as per the latest trends
  • Accountable and transparent CRM Solutions as per your requirement
  • Over 10 years of experience and expertise as a CRM solution provider
  • Efficient Integration CRM with existing business software, social media applications, and apps
  • Affordable CRM development and integration solutions
  • Easier and faster access to 24/7 services and support

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