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Lamp Technology Services

LAMP can empower in the development of supporting, elaborating and exciting sites with heavy workloads. These multi-web browser sites/applications comprise a large number of requests, provide services that demand high uptime services.

Solutions from LAMP are free, open-source and prevent data loss on individual servers with collective data storage. With effortless coding processes, LAMP development and running requires minimum time. With seamless updating, LAMP stacks can be incorporated with improvements and compatibility with multiple formats.

Incorporating Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP OURS GLOBAL's expert team of developers will craft extensively dynamic websites or eCommerce websites as per your business requirements. Assisting you with end-to-end coding for your website development, we maximize their usability with a bundle of features. Delivering outputs within the given time timeframe of our cost-effective development operations for the integration of newer LAMP systems our solutions will suit your budget.

Why choose LAMP Technology?

  • No licensing restrictions for development and deployment as per your business requirements
  • Fully customizable, scalable and robust applications with functionalities suitable to your business 
  • Compatibility with a majority of web browsers
  • Seamless coding process with reduced development time
  • Easy development and deployment
  • Safe and secure LAMP web development
  • Affordable software architecture bundles
  • Enabling constant updating and flexibility over multiple platforms

Our Lamp Technology Services comprise of:

  • PHP Website Development: As a free and open-source technology PHP will create rich and variant web and mobile applications with dynamic pages. With maximum operational speed, reliability, and security our development operations will offer custom PHP development services for diverse business requirements. Our expert team of designers and PHP developers will deliver result-oriented PHP solutions for eCommerce websites, CMS development, Social networking sites, payment getaway, etc.

  • Phalcon Development: Phalcon PHP is an application development framework for the advancement of solutions with maximum security, operational speed, user-friendliness, and better HTTP request handling. Equipped with MVC pattern, template, engine, caching, Request object library, etc our PHP application development is robust, secure, reliable, faster, scalable. Incorporating functionalities into Phalcon web solutions, our Phalcon developers will develop easy-to-use and all-inclusive solutions for your business.

  • Laravel Development: Creating personalized Laravel based applications with agile development methodology to meet your user, business, industry and vertical requirements, our experts will offer unique insight and support from implementation to integration. Our skilled Laravel developers will deliver customized web application solutions from credible and scalable coding, appealing UI/UX designs and integrated legacy systems. 

  • Wordpress Development: WordPress, an open-source blogging platform with out-of-the-box features and extending functionalities will fulfill your business demands. Our Wordpress development services will offer best-in-class development services compelling and customized WordPress solutions from WordPress website development to custom WordPress theme development and customization. Incorporating creative and innovative architecture and best in the industry practices, our development operations will navigate through result-oriented customization, theme, and development for studying and planning appealing and efficient WordPress solutions. 

  • Symfony Development: A PHP open-source framework, Symfony will drive Symfony application development and maintenance with static coding operations. Based on Model-View-Control (MVC) architectural paradigm, our design operations will consist of a data model, presentation information and control information. Blending UI/UX designs our user-interfaces will create a result-oriented user experience. Maximizing robustness and appeal of web/mobile applications our website development and maintenance will eliminate repetitive coding and merge features such as database engine-independent, less Coding, inbuilt ORM Support, integration with Third-Party Libraries, Ready-to-use Plugins and easy extendability.

Why Outsource your LAMP Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers best-in-class LAMP solutions
  • 10+ years experience as LAMP service provider
  • Diverse open-source applications and frameworks at cost-effective rates
  • Customized scalable solutions to suit your business requirements 
  • Strict adherence to quality standards as per your business requirement
  • Unparallel technical expert over PHP, Phalcon, Symfony, Wordpress and Laravel development
  • Smooth and transparent process of development and deployment
  • Effective monitoring and reporting of development operations

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