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Share-point Development Services

Partner with OURSGLOBAL for effective share point solutions as per your business demands!

Creating scalable, structured and fully functional portals our Share point solutions will facilitate skillful document management and content sharing to enable effective decision making. With over a decade of experience in offering custom development services, our team provides innovative features of business intelligence integration, workflows generation, and dynamic integration services. Our team of developers and web architects will implement, customize and maintain your Share point platform based on supreme capabilities and as per your requirement.

Our state of art Share point development services will improve your user experiences and simplify your overall operation. We also provide support in all phases mainly installation, configuration, administration and maintenance of your SharePoint farms platform.

Our Share Point Development Services comprises of :

  • Share Point Consulting Services : Developing secure, modular, fast, easy to use solutions our team of developers will analyze issues both minor and complex. Addressing full scope of pre and post deployment challenges we will ensure proper operation of end solutions.
  • Custom Share-point Development Services : Creating scalable, well structured and fully functional portals our custom share point development services will facilitate effective document management and content sharing for enabling effective decision making. Our services will assist enterprises in creating host sites and web applications irrespective of their size or revenue. Blending innovative features of business intelligence integration, workflow generation and dynamic integration our team of developers will provide effective portal & content management.
  • Share Point Migration Services : Upgrade to latest versions over cloud or on-premise for ensuring smooth access, application downtime, prevention of data loss and ensuring continued execution of workflows and customizations. Analyzing both technical/business aspects of your current solutions our custom based approaches upgrade/migrate by thorough review of potential risks and solutions.
  • Share Point Integration Services : Using high end integration methods and custom connectors, our share point integration services will smooth business workflows, communication and knowledge exchange. Ensuring uniform user experiences at the front end, extending workflows across ERP systems, improvement of enterprise search capabilities, rich document management our share point integration services will hereby maximize your ROI.
  • Share point Hybrid Architecture : We consider all business units, workflow designs, compliance requirements, budget restrictions and future growth while designing your share point platform. Our robust and scalable custom solutions will satisfy your diverse business requirements.
  • Share Point Health Checks and Assessments : Our share point health check services will assist you in assessing the efficiency of your share point implementation. Identifying both current and potential issues in the infrastructure, architecture, performance and security of your share point platform our team of developers will reveal pain points for further restoration and correction.
  • Enterprise Content Management : Our enterprise content management solutions will enable you for better document management, decision addressing capturing, web content management, image processing, collaboration, and workflow & business process management. We will also ensure that you businesses will meet desired business continuity and compliance requirements. Giving you control over critical information in your organization our ECM solutions will assist you to surpass challenges of paper works and other unstructured content.
  • Share point Managed Services : Maintaining and enhancing your enterprise’s share-point environment, we will enable you to focus on your core business strategies. With simplified management of your infrastructure our expert professionals will maximize your technology investments with skillful adoption of your current and future technology.
  • Our Services comprises of :

    • Custom SharePoint Development for enterprise internal portal

    • Dedicated SharePoint Knowledge Management solutions

    • SharePoint Health checks and Remediation

    • Office 365 Migrations or SharePoint Online Development

    • End to end Business Intelligence Services & Dashboards

    • SharePoint Farm Architecture Design

    • SharePoint Managed Services

    • Business Process Management with SharePoint Workflows

    • Custom Office 365 application Development

    • Document Management system for Enterprises

    • SharePoint On-premises Migration

    • SharePoint Intranet, Extranet and Internet Development

  • We serve industries such as :

    • Ecommerce

    • Education

    • Gaming

    • Business Intelligence

    • Media and Entertainment

    • Business

    • Healthcare

    • Financial Sector

    • Logistics

    • Social Network


Why outsource your Share point service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO certified company which delivers maximum quality while delivery of services
  • Availability of skilled resources and workforce for effective optimization
  • Time bound software development process as per your business requirements
  • Rich expertise and specialized knowledge
  • Maximum scalability as per your priorities
  • Drastic reduction in cost of SharePoint deployment
  • Helps you to focus exclusively on your core and critical tasks

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