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Mobile Commerce Development

Expand your businesses over mobile platforms at much affordable rates for optimum sales and revenue. Enable your customers to shop 24*7 anytime and anywhere with our Ecommerce mobile solutions. Crafting convenient best in class shopping experiences, our developers will assist your businesses irrespective of your global location, size or ROI. Developing commerce solutions that integrate your Ecommerce website, our developers will add product catalogues, inventory, shipping methods, payments, checkout and also other functionalities.

Designing/integrating your E-stores with appealing Ecommerce features our expert developers will expand it in to mobile space too. Utilizing mobile capabilities such as location based services, barcode scanning and push notifications our solutions will improve your customer experiences. Our team of mobile developers and analyzers will render comprehensive and all inclusive end-to-end mobile commerce services such as planning, development and deployment of the software & applications, as review analysis and troubleshooter supporting.

Our Mobile commerce development services comprises of :

  • M-commerce store built to work on all types of mobile devices and mobile operating systems : Our developers will make your Mobile Ecommerce platform compatible for wide variety of mobile devices such as tablets & smart phones and mobile operating systems such as IOS, Android & Windows. This can fasten purchases, enhance your customer experiences and maintain a tailored content in you E-stores.
  • Seamless data integration with your existing online stores : Integrating data with your existing Ecommerce stores our solutions will improve the shopping experience for customers and deliver you holistic detail of their Ecommerce business. Our services will also simplify inventory tracking and other aspects of store management.
  • Support for Multiple Stores : Our developers will maximize the reach of your Ecommerce business through wide variety of platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Big-Commerce and 3Dcart. This can support you to target international markets, create sales and custom looks to target holidays and special days and enable you for centralized management of multiple stores.
  • Powerful Features to Incorporate Marketing : Promoting your business’s brand, products, and services our developers will apply powerful Ecommerce strategies such as market affiliation, SEO and Email marketing. This includes usage of banner ads/referrals, promoting organic searching for driving popularity and sending Emails for current customers for customer retention and loyalty.
  • Features that are Compelling and Attract new Customers : Attracting newer customers and compelling your current customers towards your Ecommerce store our developers other professionals will enhance the overall design of your online stores, enable social media promotion and will answer to their queries through 24*7 through customer care.
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices : Availing Multi-device experiences to your customers can spend more time with your Ecommerce sites for studying the product they’re planning to buy. This can further enhance their loyalty towards your Ecommerce platform.

Benefits of outsourcing your Mobile Commerce Development service requirements to OURS GLOBAL :

  • Improvement of ranking of your Ecommerce store in search engine results
  • Unique custom web design of your Ecommerce sites
  • Simplified user experience for your Ecommerce customers
  • Assurance in delivering high end quality services as a ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Periodic updation of high end infrastructure, technology and techniques
  • Scalability in our services as per your requirements
  • Guarantee of uncompromised confidentiality of your business data
  • Comprehensive focus on critical concepts of your Ecommerce platform with maximum attention
  • Efficient mitigation of risks and costs thus reducing maintenance costs
  • Improvement in overall ROI, through enhancement in application quality and performance
  • Adherence towards latest industry regulations to make sure your product satisfy all quality parameters.

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