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Magento 2 Migration Outsourcing Services

Faster, efficient & painless Migration of your Ecommerce platforms is now possible with OURS GLOBAL.

Reinforce your Ecommerce platforms with enhanced performance, improved code quality, response, and faster SEO load times. OURS GLOBAL’s spontaneous Magento Migration services will revolutionize designs & functionalities in your Ecommerce platforms with compromising on quality and user experience. With comprehensive awareness of your requirements, our Magento developers will accelerate your E-store’s performance by skillful application of effective customization features, robust payment security and coding environment.

Developing captivating interface layouts with appealing product Images and theme layouts our services will influence your clients in positive decisions for your businesses. Customizing your admin panels for compatibility of multiple/single users our Magento 2 Migration solutions will ease the order management processes and checkout processes with improved database performance. Ensuring your applications to be compatible for any devices/platforms, our developers also give attention in maximum loading time.

Our platform to platform Magento 2 Migration services comprises of :

  • Bigcommerce to Magento Migration : Our highly skilled developers with comprehensive understanding in Ecommerce and Cart Data Migration will export your products, customers, orders and other related Ecommerce entities from your BigCommerce. Ensuring maximum flexibility, scalability, and robust features of Magento 2 while conversion our migration processes will preserve relation and successful importing.
  • Shopify to Magento Migration : Enhancing the overall and conversion ratios of your E-stores our Shopify to Magento Migration services will ensure functionality without any issue. Exporting data of products, customers, orders and other related eCommerce entities while preserving relations our developers will give keen attention to nullify all chances of further issues.
  • OsCommerce to Magento Migration :
  • Reverse Engineering Services : Our cost effective OsCommerce to Magento Migration services will provide easy and further installations with built-in support. Data are exported while preserving relations of products, customers, orders and other related eCommerce entities.
  • Woocommerce to Magento Migration : With maximum scalability to your business requirements, we transfer product, customer and other E-commerce related data efficiently.
  • OpenCart to Magento Migration : Ensuring no data- loss and errors during the products, customer and order data transferring process, our Opencart to Magento Migration services will never compromise in quality throughout your commerce advancement process.
  • VirtueMart to Magento Migration : Enjoy hassles free and easy migration services without loss in any data to accelerate your E-store performances. Our data migration services include:

    • Updated Sales Data : Migration/transfer of your updated sales data from one application to another our sales data migration services will not compromise on accuracy and confidentiality of your data. This data can be further used for your targeted marketing which will in turn improve sales and profitability.

    • Customers’ Data Transfer : Migration of your customer data to your updated applications will enhance brand loyalty among your customers by maintaining concrete relationships with them from time to time.

    • Orders Data Import/Export : Importing/exporting customer orders our developers will minimize your work time, enhance customer service and enable you to process data from anywhere.

    • Manageable Store Configurations : Our developers also ensures you can efficiently manage configurations such as payment getaway, taxes, shipping, web-hooks, domains & URL’s after switching to your newer application platforms.

    • Entire Products Information Transfer : Migration/Transfer of entire products product information from one application to another can enable your clients to get thorough information about your products.

    • History and other Details Transfer : Migration/Transfer of history and other details including customer reviews which can enable you to develop transparent relationship with your customers.

    • Categories import/export : Import/Export of category details related to product data can enable you to enhance customer experiences for your clients.


Benefits of outsourcing your Magento 2 Migration service requirements to OURS GLOBAL :

  • Assurance in delivering high end quality services as a ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • High end infrastructure, technology and techniques updated and used
  • Scalability in our services as per your requirements
  • Guarantee of uncompromised confidentiality of your business data
  • Comprehensive focus on critical concepts of your Ecommerce platform with maximum attention
  • Efficient mitigation of risks and costs thus reducing maintenance costs
  • Improvement in overall ROI, through enhancement in application quality and performance
  • Adherence towards latest industry regulations to make sure your product satisfy all quality parameters.

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