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Power BI Development

Create, collaborate and benefit from business analytics from OURS GLOBAL’s Power BI solutions.

Get a unified exclusive access to your business intelligence system with OURS GLOBAL’s custom Power BI development services. Developing an on-premise system this power BI server will enhance the distribution of information across your business organization. This business intelligence system will also enable you for interactive visualizations, seamless reporting and effective data handling. Implementing business intelligence implementation, our Power BI solutions will sync, integrate, prototype and convert data to dashboards for effective reporting.

Our team of developers and consultants will use their expertise in creative visualization and reporting solutions for delivering services in data discovery, business reporting, dashboards, visualization and self- service analytics.

  • POWER BI CONSULTING : At OURS GLOBAL, the first phase of your Power business Intelligence consulting initiates with knowing best your objectives of Business intelligence. Our expert team of consultants will assist you in the process of your business objectives with industry best practices of business intelligence.
  • CUSTOM POWER BI DEVELOPMENT SERVICES : As per your business requirement our developers will develop solutions that will empower you for creation, collaboration and benefiting from insights gained from analytics. Our developers are well versed in the craft of creating required business insights, analytical reporting and dashboards.
  • POWER BI ANALYTICS SERVICES : Our developers are well wired with knowledge of algorithm creation and are capable of using them for creating visualization and reporting solutions for Business intelligence reporting and achievement of business requirements.
  • CUSTOM VISUALIZATION SERVICES : Combining UI/UX expertise, BI tool proficiency, and data visualization skills our team of analysts will derive actionable insights from required data sets and visualize it in the most meaningful way. Our customization visualization services will maximize your ROI through investments across web, mobile, custom UI and self-service platforms such as Micro-Strategy Dossier. Our team will also create graphs for enabling complex study of business analytics.
  • POWER BI WITH : .NET OR .NET COREThis service involves integration with .NET or .NET CORE for generating analytical insights, KPI reporting and Dashboards for leveraging productivity.
  • INTEGRATION WITH POWER BI : Integrating all business data in to live dashboards our reports will enable you for a single view of your business health. This Integration services will nurture more faster and focused core value outcomes.
  • POWER BI WITH AZURE SERVICES : Our innovative, swift, scalable, enterprise level and enterprise ready secure Azure solutions will create real time insights for your businesses. Our services can adapt to cloud based, on- premise or complex data systems and integrate them for your business requirements.
  • MOBILE BI REPORTING SERVICES : Our mobile BI reporting services will assure the compatibility of viewing your reports and dashboards irrespective of time and place through mobile and tablet devices.
  • INTEGRATION & SHARING : Blending effective business intelligence tools our team of analysts will check for compatibility and feasibility of our solutions.


  • Data analytics & Data Modeling

  • Interactive Visualization Dashboards & Business Reports

  • Data-driven dashboards and reports

  • Seamless integration with Excel & Power Pivot

  • Connect Data Sources for dynamic business insights

  • Implementation of Power BI for Cloud, Web & Desktop

  • Power BI consultants for Power BI integration services

  • Dynamic reports generation on just a click

  • Curated content for your leveraging your business

  • Embedded into Office 365, .Net Applications

  • Natural Language Queries Implementation

  • Automatic Analysis with quick dynamic insights

Why outsource your Power Business Intelligence service requirements to OURS GLOBAL? :

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified which assures maximum quality services

  • Agile inquiry and analysis without the need for specialized technical support

  • Use of in-memory analysis and DAX scripting technology

  • Blend of High end tools and techniques

  • Assistance from Azure consultants for interactive visual presentation

  • Personalized dashboards as per your requirements

  • No memory and speed constraints and effective data retrievability and analyzing

We serve industries such as :

  • Ecommerce

  • Education

  • Gaming

  • Business Intelligence

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Business

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Sector

  • Logistics

  • Social Network

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