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Microsoft Azure Development

Get an extra edge above your competitors with OURS GLOBAL’s cloud based mobile and web applications. Enhanced with creative front end designs our tailor made systems and applications will deliver your clients with unparallel customer experiences. Comprehensively engaging with you, our team of developers will enhance outstanding user experiences by minimum viable product targeting, diligent scope management for faster realization of your goals.

Iterating and evolving your cloud based applications with feasible product targeting and persistent scope management our Microsoft Azure Development services will deliver you well crafted solutions. Optimizing your business’s cost and efficiency our solutions will drive innovation and business value. Blending effective Microsoft technology and domain expertise we can solve complex business problems for ISVs, enterprises, product owners and start-ups.

Our Microsoft Development Services comprises of :

  • AZURE CONSULTING SOLUTIONS : Leveraging Azure platform, we build powerful business solutions by thorough assessment, planning and deployment. Enabling you to meet wide variety of business and technical requirements, our AZURE consulting solutions will enable you for all digital transformations, effective customer interaction, employee empowerment, Operation optimization and workforce transformation.
  • CLOUD INTEGRATION SERVICES : Enabling seamless data flow and transaction our cloud integration services will integrate on-premise applications, social media services and third part gateways for driving optimum business performance. Enhancing the capability of hybrid cloud eco-systems our cloud integration services will develop API layers in to your business services and social media platforms.
  • CLOUD MIGRATION SERVICES : Quick and effective shift to cloud at minimized costs and risks will redefine your businesses. Reducing operational costs and automation by easily taking advantage of your data our cloud based solutions will handle tiresome data and analytics use cases efficiently.
  • CLOUD ENABLED APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT : Developing cloud enabled applications with uniform database, virtualization and architecture features our developers will focus on business solutions rather than technical underpinnings. With effective combination of .NET applications our cloud based applications will enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • FULL-STACK APP DEVELOPMENT : Our end to end full stack development solutions will execute front-end, back end, infrastructure and support development with high end designing skills in architecture.
  • CLOUD NATIVE SERVICES : Our cloud native solutions involve SaaS, IaaS, PaaS application development solutions that fits your business functionalities. With lift and shift approaches our cloud native approaches will alleviate challenges, focus on customer-centricity, quality and end in turn empower your businesses.
  • AZURE WEB APPLICATION : Creating and deploying result oriented web applications that scale your businesses our team of application developers will help you to upgrade your legacy applications for modernization of current on premise applications.
  • AZURE INTEGRATED SERVICES : Bringing together Logic Apps, API Management, Event Grid and Service bus our azure integrated services will integrate data, processes and applications across your enterprise. Through these services, your enterprises will attain business efficiency, time to market and many more.
  • MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT : Overseeing your cloud platform our dedicated team of skilled professionals will blend effective tools and skills to enhance the overall integrity and usability. Resolving system performance issues consistently, our team of professionals will analyze the way your network and systems run.


We offer a wide range of valuable feature for the success of your cloud strategy :

  • Analytics :

    • Azure Analysis Services

    • Azure Bot Services

    • Azure Data bricks

    • Azure Machine learning service

    • Azure stream Analytics

    • Event Hubs

    • HD Insights

    • SQL Data Warehouse

    • SQL Server stretch

    • Power BI Embedded

  • Data Bases :

    • Azure Cosmos DB

    • Azure Database Maria DB

    • Azure cache for Redis

    • Azure Database for postgre SQL

    • Azure database Migration

    • SQL Database

    • Data Warehouse

    • SQL Server stretch Database

  • DevOps :

    • Azure DevOps

    • Azure Lab Services

    • Visual Studio App Centre

  • Migration :

    • Azure Database Migration Service

    • Azure migrate

    • Site Recover

    • Cost management

  • Networking :

    • Application Gateway

    • DDos Protection

    • DNS

    • Azure Firewall

    • Bandwidth

    • Content Delivery Network

    • Express Route

    • Load Balancer

    • Network watcher

    • Traffic manager

    • Virtual manager

    • Virtual WAN

    • Virtual getaway

    • VPN Getaway

  • Security :

    • Application gateway

    • Active Directory

    • DDos Protection

    • Key Vault

    • Security center

    • VPN Getaway

  • Storage :

    • Data lake Storage

    • Storage

    • StorSimple

Our Skills include the following :

  • Cloud Infrastructure Transformation and Customization

  • Cloud Computing Consulting & Professional Services

  • Azure Cloud Migration, Modernization & Optimization

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Sevices for Cloud Transformation

  • Scalable Micro-services with Azure

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Management Services

  • DevOps Consulting & Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

  • Cloud enterprise application integration services

  • Developing Cloud native apps or Migration legacy services

  • Cloud Automation and Management Solution

  • Security framework and hybrid cloud environment

  • On-premises to SaaS or Cloud to Cloud and B2B integration


We serve industries such as :

  • Ecommerce

  • Education

  • Gaming

  • Business Intelligence

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Business

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Sector

  • Logistics

  • Social Network


Why outsource your Microsoft Azure Development Service Requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • Highly-secure web apps development as per security, accounting and ISO information security standards.

  • Manual/automatic hosting of applications which provide 99.5% SLA uptime

  • Manual/automatic hosting of applications which provide 99.5% SLA uptime

  • Unique support for ASP.NET, Node.js, JAVA, PHP and Python

  • Creation, deployment and debugging with dedicated tools

  • Insights for business performance, application response and error trends

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers services at highest quality

  • Effective blend of high end technology, infrastructure and techniques

  • Best in industry services at competitive rates

  • Skilled and experienced team of expert developers will deliver your requirements

  • Uncompromised, quick and reliable communication throughout all stages of project environment

  • Maximum scalability to your service requirements


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