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Enterprise Services

A standardized way of summarizing your enterprise functionalities and incorporating it in your business operations as per requirement is termed as Enterprise services. Data and its application functions are integrated from applications for the development of modules in facilitating its reuse. Allowing deployment of web services for the development of applications within the current infrastructure, enterprise services will exponentially increase your business value. Focussed on abstraction and componentization for the employment of internal and external business standards, the main aim of enterprise services architecture is the creation of IT environments that is compatible with changes.

Maximize customer intimacy and efficiency of your business with OURS GLOBAL's Enterprises services. Driving enterprises for the achievement of agility, flexibility, control, and cost-efficiency over your IT operations our integrated and managed services will explore the latest trends and guide your business to success with best practices. With a comprehensive understanding of your business challenges, our experts will develop solutions to meet your business requirements. Our end-to-end services range from consulting, requirement analysis, strategizing, model creation, development, integration to quality assurance, and maintenance. Our enterprise solutions such as ERP, CRM, etc will streamline your business operations, increase efficiency and minimize the costs.

Why Enterprise Services for your business services? 

  • Better productivity and flexibility
  • Easier business planning by monitoring production, business expenses, and customer satisfaction
  • Improved record-keeping and compliance
  • Cost-effective cloud-based custom enterprise solutions
  • Confidentiality over your business data
  • Generation of detailed reports with statics, graphics, and calculations¬†
  • Centralized data access for easy access to business data

Our Enterprise Services comprise of:

  • Augmented Reality: Our experts will develop engaging applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Elevating your user experiences all together, our AR experts will incorporate different SDKs for developing high performing applications for any business across diverse business verticals. Ensuring maximum communication, security, profitability, and robustness, our AR apps will diminish the gap between reality and technology.

  • CRM: Fostering hyper-accelerated digitally enhanced human interaction with customers across all channels, our Customer Relationship Management Solutions will leverage techniques such as predictive modeling, insights forecasting, data mining, and text mining for customer-centric approaches. Empowering sales, marketing, and customer service our Customer Relationship Management solutions will drive customer loyalty and in turn higher revenues. Our team of experts will evaluate, select, implement, support and optimize your CRM toolsets as per your business requirements.

  • Enterprise Mobility Services: Our enterprise Enterprise Mobility services and solutions will enhance your customer interfaces with the full-feature set of smartphones or tablets. Our complete spectrum of services will assist your enterprises in the development and deployment of mobile-based and industry-focused mobility solutions. Our mobility services will improve operational efficiency by maximizing the responsiveness, agility, and optimization of your business processes, in turn, maximizing ROI and revenue.

  • Block-Chain Services: Creating error-free business models that minimize frauds and verify transactions our blockchain services will amplify your business value. Securing and encrypting your transactions to digital forms preventing its alter/modification of data, our blockchain solutions will eliminate all challenges and maximize the security & privacy over your data. Driving a trusted eco-system with your suppliers these services will foster consensus management, data exchange standardization and business process re-alignment across network participants.

Why outsource your enterprise services to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified Enterprise Services company
  • 10+ years of experience in delivering enterprise services
  • Maximum scalable enterprise services as per business requirements
  • Development of business operations taking advantage over daily opportunities
  • Use of the latest technology, innovative approaches, and creative, cutting-edge solutions
  • Elimination of costs of employing, coaching, and maintaining workers

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