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PhoneGap App Development Services

Take advantage of PhoneGap open source frameworks for software development services from OURS GLOBAL. Our team of PhoneGap developers and experts will craft effective and innovative applications that minimize expenses and increase the ROI. Incorporating web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Java-script our team of developers, designers and engineers will build custom mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms.

Studying client requirements and planning approaches with appropriate technology our PhoneGap App development services will develop custom mobile applications and migrate existing web applications to other mobile platforms. We are well versed in development, creating user experiences and user-friendly applications.

Our expert PhoneGap developers integrate mobile applications with portal solutions such as Share-point & SAP to take advantage of available content management. With expertise over a wide range of Phone application development tools and various customization options, our PhoneGap services will deliver services for various industry verticals.

Our PhoneGap App Development services comprise of :

  • PhoneGap App UI/UX Design : Designing appealing and innovative UI designs for applications our team of expert UI/UX designers, business analysts and development will incorporate the latest technological skills and user-centered design principles in custom mobile application development. Our engaging design apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms will consume fewer spaces on mobile devices and lasting impressions.
  • PhoneGap Business App Development  : Our PhoneGap developers will influence your users to come back to your applications across diverse industries such as insurance, ecommerce, Retail, Healthcare, Banking, Entertainment, and Education. Our services will create applications for multiple platforms with a single code to target a larger user base.
  •  PhoneGap App Integration : Our developers will integrate mobile applications compatible with smart devices for delivering functionalities like Location-based apps, augmented reality, health monitoring, augmented reality and more. With simple and robust readable codings such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript for implementing advanced, high-performance technologies for client syetem and integration services. 
  • PhoneGap App Porting : Porting your PhoneGap application to iOS /Android and vice-versa with ease our team of mobile applications is developed by the best possible utilization of reusable code. Our professionals will assist to amend apps so that it will run on the target platform making porting much easier. 
  • PhoneGap App Maintenance : Deployed PhoneGap Apps will be subjected to periodic maintenance for ensuring the optimal performance of your current PhoneGap Applications. Our operations will be focused on platform-specific and cross-platform operations that will grow your businesses.

Why outsource your phoneGap Development service requirements?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers optimum app development services
  • 10+ years experienced PhoneGap App developer
  • Well versed engaging custom applications updatable with functionalities 
  • Team of UI & graphic designers, developers, and architects
  • Applications specified for specific platforms such as Android and iOS
  • Use of high-end technology and infrastructure
  • Rigorous testing of user experiences

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