Video Editing Services

Video Editing Services

Transform raw footages into professional videos within a short time with OURS GLOBAL’s Video Editing Services. Make your videos professional and eye catching from video editors who blend finest editing software and techniques. Merging scenes, rearranging footages, sequencing shots, removing unwanted content and fulfilling other video editing demands our video editing professionals will enhance your videos and nurture professionalism at its best.

Our video editing services will also add animations, transitions, music/sound, sub-titles, voice-overs, text/headlines, special effects and creative titling making your videos much appealing for your audiences. We cater our video editing services to the field of entertainment, sports, education and any other occasions in formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.

Our Video Editing Services caters services such as:

  • 360 Degree Wedding Video Editing: Crafting film quality imageries to stunning wedding videos, our 360 degree wedding video editing services will employ high end video editing tools and technologies for delivering the best results. Our team of professional and certified editors, digital artists and designers use systematic and streamlined processes while enhancing videos through slow motion and transition effects, creative camera angles, saturated colors and dramatic music.

  • Film Services: Planning your video projects in sequential format our film services will deliver solutions as per your requirements. Captivating your audience’s attention our services such as storyboard services, animation services, video editing services, music composition services, character designing, motion graphic services etc that will fetch you desired results. Assisting you to visualize, our services videos will assist you to spot future problems, save time and money.

  • Corporate Video Editing: Identifying your corporate video objectives our in-house video editing team will stitch motion graphics or add additional camera moves to still images with optimum precision. These corporate video editing services will assist you in conference/exhibition, product/brand demonstration, internal employee communication, training videos and corporate video brochures.

  • Audio Editing: Editing your digital audio files in formats such as mp3, wav, vox, ogg, flac, aif, au, real audio and gsm will remove time markings/ time stamps and transcript audios with high end audio cutting softwares and microcomputer technology. Our expert audio experts will copy, cut, paste, delete, insert, silence and trim your audio editing files with high end audio editing tools. Well versed with audio editing, audio mastering, compressing audio and uploading podcast audio our professionals will cater solutions as per your audio editing requirements.

  • Real Estate Video Editing: Nurture life-like and realistic view to showcase your properties with our premium quality real estate video editing services. Converting your raw real estate footages into spectacular real estate videos our video editing services will sequence, de-clutter, stabilize, correct pixels/colors and enhance your real estate footages.

  • Holiday Video Editing Services: Converting your vacation video footages to exciting and professional videos our skilled video editors will edit color, video, picture quality, audio, background music, dialogue etc. Edit videos in all formats including mp2V,mpe, asf, avi, dvr-ms, m1v, mp2, mpeg, mpg, mpv2, wm and wmv our experts will create emotional connection for your viewers.

  • 360 Video Editing Services: Transform your videos to compelling ones with our 360 degree video editing services which leverages appropriate software platforms. Editing monoscopic/stereoscopic videos, 360 video pinning and 360 video stitching our professional 360 video editors will help studios, ad agencies, individuals etc to handle project volumes and manage in-time project deliveries.

  • Real Estate Drone Video Editing: Editing your raw real estate footages to refined and appealing videos our editors will assist you to capture attention of your audiences. Giving your prospective buyers chances for realistic visualization of properties these video editing services will influence them by a higher margin.

  • Storyboard Services: Narrating your story in the most effective way, our storyboard services will assist you for identification of early mistakes in the process. Saving time, money and resources our in-house team of story board creators will add up to your over head and infrastructural burdens.

  • Motion Graphics Services: Converting your script to required form our motion graphic services will handle your short animation films, cartoon films, logo animations, info-graphics and typographical presentations efficiently. Adding desired impact our services will save time, resources and talented manpower. With a team of much talented professionals in sketching, animation and software skills our services will deliver appealing motion graphics.

  • Character Design Services: Illustrating unique characters for your films, books, websites, games and more our illustrators and animators will illustrate eye-catching designs as per your requirement. Well versed in drawing forms in 3D spaces, painting characters in Adobe Photoshop, designing of lighting, composition, perspective, texturing, colors etc our designers will design life-like characters with ease.

  • MP4 Video Editing Services: Transforming digital videos/audios to industry standards our MP4 video editing services will make your MP4 videos compatible to both mobile and online browsers. Our team of photo/video editors will understand all your requirements and provide high quality MP4 video editing services.

  • Video Composting: Layering several layers of pictures or video images over one another our team of video editors will create unified pictures and videos. With appropriate infrastructure, resources and workforce our professionals will convert all video/audio to documentaries, short films and training programs.

  • Explainer Video Creation Services:Conveying all key benefits of your products/services our explainer videos will convey all benefits associated with them. By fully understanding your requirements our cost effective and efficient solutions will be developed as short, accessible, clear and strong representation of your brand. We offer services at every step of the process such as scripting, story-boarding, 2D and 3D animation, Whiteboard animation and final video editing.

  • Movie Editing Services: Create lasting impressions on your viewers and influence them through stunning short films, documentaries and more by color correcting, sub-titling, adding voiceovers/narration effects, filtering and enhancement.

  • You tube Video Editing: Showcase and advertise your products/Services through stunning Youtube videos that will capture your audience attention. Our team of editors is well skilled and trained for providing high quality videos which give professional appealing videos that can fetch you desired results.

  • Wedding Video Editing Services: Showcasing memorable moments of your wedding videos our wedding video editing services will transform your videos as per your requirements. With methods such as color adjustments, noise reduction and other video editing techniques will create stunning videos.

  • GoPro Video Editing Servicest: Editing your large, unwieldy and shaky GoPro Videos with maximum care our professionals will transform your raw footages as per your requirements. Incorporating high end technology we provide highest possible level of quality in our video editing processes. Editing large volumes of videos we can offer solutions you desire.

  • Video Brochure Services: Capture the attention of your target audience with innovative visual formats from our video brochure services. Comprehensively presenting your products our team of highly experienced and proficient team of video brochure experts will create your video brochures as per your requirements.

  • Video Summary Services: Engage your customers to maximum by ensuring your videos are well documented, easily findable and offer a good user experience at all stages. Ensuring maximum customer engagement our writers and editors will equip latest video editing software and infrastructure for delivering comprehensive video summary services.

  • Online Video Editing Services: Creating high end videos of your services, products, founders and all other aspects of your businesses our high quality videos will promote your businesses. Delivering best video inputs, our video editing services will help your businesses at the best quality.

  • Home Video Editing Services: Our home video editing services will preserve your home videos by converting your unedited video footages to efficient high quality videos by adding color, enhancements, visual metaphors, narrations, rectifying resolutions etc. Our captivating videos will enliven your videos by transforming to various digital formats. Equipped with high end versions of Avid, Final Cut, Adobe premiere pro etc our professionals will eliminate unwanted elements, sync audios and motion graphics.

  • Sports Video Editing Services: Editing your sports footages our video editors will convert your shaky, unstable, low definition raw sports footages to efficient videos by cutting clips to size, adding sound tracks and features such as chroma keying and color grading. Blending advanced editing tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Final Cut Pro X our sports video editing services will deliver solutions as per your requirements.

  • Video Cropping Services: Eliminate unwanted information from video clips with our video cropping services. Cropping video clips to squares and altering aspect ratios as per your requirements our video editing professionals will deliver you flawless results. Developing visually stunning videos at multiple resolutions and formats our video cropping services will do high quality video cropping, resizing, trimming, overlay addition etc.

  • Video Trimming Services: Offering cost effective trimming services, our creative video trimming services will decompress and reconstruct your amateur footages as per your requirements. Giving utmost attention to detail, our video trimming services will develop custom videos by trimming specifically for your website/social media channels.

  • Back ground noise removal: Correcting shaky images, background noises and other unwanted elements our creators will develop unique professional videos. These services will assist you for creating videos those do not hinder the overall viewing experiences of your audiences.

  • Additional Effects: Enhancing your videos with additional special effects, transitions, music and sound our experts will add features for captivating your audiences. These features will enhance your viewers’ experiences and assist you for your desired results.

  • Color Correction Services: Correcting excess/less colors, adjusting contrasts, color temperature, white balances, brightness, saturation, shadows, highlights and saturation our color correction services will deliver solutions as per your requirement. Eliminating dullness and enhancing your shots these services will amplify the overall look of your videos.

  • Shot Sequencing: Sequencing your raw footages to appealing videos our shot sequencing services will create compelling videos.

  • De-cluttering Footages: Eliminating unwanted footages, removing/adding extra minutes and unclear shots our editors will help to showcase desired shots in your videos.

  • Stabilizing Drone Footage: Transforming your raw Drone footages to clear and high stability resolution videos, our Drone Footage stabilizing editors will enhance your videos to appealing standards.

  • Defective Pixel Correction: Our defective pixel correction services will enhance the quality of your videos by skillful elimination of defective pixels. Removing flaws our editors will high quality videos in optimum resolution.

  • Background Score: Enhancement of your amateur videos with high end video creation software

Why outsource your Video Editing Service requirements?

  • Giving much attention to detail our ISO 9001:2015 certified company will give maximum commitment
  • Delivery of services within the scheduled delivery time.
  • Quality checking processes at every stage of video editing processes
  • Exceptional data security by ensuring File Transfer protocol and Virtual Private Network
  • Maximum scalability as per your video editing service requirements
  • Customized price packages for each of your video editing services

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