6 Ways How Customer Self Service will Benefit Your Business

Businesses must understand why their customers are calling them, it’s only because your business is making them. Otherwise, why does a customer call for support? With this mindset and the commitment to keeping up with newer customer service trends, businesses can reshape the approach by which they can reshape how they could execute post-sale customer support.  

Supporting users with the capability of finding solutions by their effort through an automated task management platform can be termed as Customer Self Service. Demanding no actual customer representative for assisting the customer, they are given access to information with just a click. Businesses must come to realize how the technology-driven world is changing and the users evolving along with it. Newer clients would always find it frustrating in visiting/calling the physical support desk/ customer service for inquiries regarding your company and your products. 

As per the reports from Forrester, customers are more positive about committing to self-service than traditional customer support initiatives. OURS GLOBAL’s Contact Center Support Services is sharp and efficient enough in studying and delivering each Self Service business customer support requirement. Catering with uncompromised support, we empower businesses in giving customers the power in gaining access to knowledge with self-service methods. This article is aimed at acknowledging Businesses how Customer Self Service drives can benefit their business. 

Following are the Ways How Customer Self Service Will Benefit Your Business:

1. The inflexibility of Emails & Phone-calls

Your customers won’t prefer in calling a contact center straightaway. They will have to track down the right phone number, wait for the customer representative, get transferred, and later repeat the whole process. Most of the clients won’t be much interested in using a contact form for initiating a ticket and email the support team. Their efforts are more prone to increase if in the circumstances of interaction through chatbots, live support agents, or email support. More efforts will always drive your customers more and more frustration. 

2. Multiple Channels 

There are chances for users to get insulted when picking up a phone and contacting a call center. In this generation of everyone having a smartphone, nobody would choose their smartphones just to make a call.   Businesses using customer self-service chatbots will experience a cost-effective experience alternative to call or email.  

3. Automation

With the technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning gaining more and more efficiency, businesses are racing towards the infusion of Automation capabilities into their Customer support operations. With intelligent automation for human-powered support channels, businesses can nurture seamless and successful experiences for their clients to the best. 

4. Evolving Contents

Impressive content is always a winner and even in customer journies too. Businesses must publish extensively broad knowledge base articles. The practice of burying information in random PDF documents will doesn’t cut anymore. By the end of 2021, it is also expected that most companies to choose customer support interactions. 

5. Knowledge Base/Repository

With the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, businesses can also offer an extensive knowledge base or knowledge repository for their clients with customer self-service. Nurturing satisfaction for them in solving problems with the help of a knowledge base, this approach is proven to be much better than Phone call services. While developing a knowledge base repository businesses must always include previously mentioned FAQs, self-help articles, video tutorials, documentation, tutorials, and references. The application of community/collaboration tools will lower customer service operating costs and enhance customer satisfaction. With ideal SEO practices and efficient navigation systems, businesses can improve how clients could use the knowledge base. 

6. Mobile-Centric & Omnichannel

Nowadays most of the website traffic comes from mobile devices and most smartphones. Clients nowadays come to purchase decisions with brands with mobile responsive customer support portals. With omnichannel interaction and self-service tools, clients initiating through mobile devices can enjoy positive experiences. Devising customer experience strategies to be mobile-centric rather than mobile-first. 

With omnichannel characteristics, self-service allows customers with smooth experiences through a mobile app or mobile responsive website. 

Best Self Service Practices 

  1. Reiteration of self-service functionalities easy for locating to the client

  2. Inclusion of self-service technologies to make customer self-service effective. 

  3. Convenient and effortless experience among all touchpoints, reducing customer friction and pain points.

  4. Ensuring positive outcomes for every client’s queries with time to time checking and fixing of bugs.

  5. Committed management of customer feedbacks 

  6. Time to time customer surveys for making improvements 

Successful businesses always demand the character of providing effective and efficient customer services. With innovative approaches, businesses must write, structure, and organize for initiating their self-service channels and making them preferable to customers. With the growing demand for customer self-services, businesses must do everything for making customers self-serve them with the least amount of effort. 

Viewing Customer Self Service as a viable alternative and sure short for customers embracing it, businesses must incorporate AI chatbots, knowledge base, mobile-centric customer self-service, brands. This approach not only supports customers with their issues but also avoids live agents for more complex customer service issues.

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