12 Tips for Call Center Agents to be Flexible & Sticking to the Script

Customers nowadays are busy and, encounter problems and thus businesses should always focus on resolving them quickly. After going a lot through automated answering sessions, they finally reach a live agent. The frustration and irritation they exhibit before the call even begins, have their valid reasons. This article is aimed at acknowledging businesses how they should give concern over scripting the call center interactions with customers.

Call center agents should always ensure necessary steps while they’re handling customer concerns as swiftly as possible giving them efficient solutions. They must make sure every attempt for sounding just like a real person rather than a robot. As per the studies conducted by Callcenter Helper.com, the percentage of contact centers using scripts rose from 48.3% to 52.7% from 2016 to 2018.

Customer service responses should not be a cold, lifeless script but should have a variable nature while interacting with customers. This makes it easy however to support some forward-thinking in dealing with critical and tougher customer service scenarios. The lieu of pure scripts can be quite useful and supports representatives with examples of how to interact with customers in challenging situations giving them the flexibility for adapting and adding their personality.

OURS GLOBAL’s Call Center Outsourcing services ensure ideal scenarios that remain ideal in difficult situations for supporting professionals encounter while working. Some of these scenarios are hard to deal with when they arise, but with well-planned methodologies, we always ensure the maintenance of positive customer interactions. With little preparedness for a handful of following troublesome scenarios customer representatives may come across, effective guidance will enable them on how to handle them efficiently.

Following are the Tips for Call Center Agents to be Flexible & Sticking to the Script:

1. Being Personal

Usually, businesses rely on static scripting for resolving customer issues. But customer service experience gets improved when agents don’t read from a script. Dynamic scripting adjusted based on the response of the customer can outweigh the perceived static scripting provides. With a personalized, off-the-script experience, customers gain confidence in businesses and their products or services. This can also boost their faith and make them feel talking to someone who knows what they are doing.

2. Being Empathetic

Agents should establish customer connections by giving attention to customer concerns and committing to resolve them. Another option for customer agents is putting themselves in customers’ shoes. While hiring customer executives businesses should consider their qualities such as empathy, engagement, listening, and problem-solving skills.

3. Being Flexible

Hardening forces customer service agents for following the company script will prevent them from being flexible and will be able to help each customer with their complaints and resolve their issues. Focusing on the script enhances the agent’s ability to effectively listening to the customer’s concerns.

4. No Answers for Customer Queries

A support representative should have the tenacity for making things right. Never respond to customer queries with an “I don’t know” response, which will not help the customer. Emphasize customer requirements give confirmation they will get the solution and give the impression that customer representatives to do whatever it takes to find the solution.

5. Unavailability of the Product

Even if the product is unavailable never report to the customer that the item isn’t currently available. There is a much better solution to go about it. Communicate with customers using positive language for helping them avoid accidental knee-jerk reactions. With positive language, avoid negative phrases and emphasize the solution, which customers want.

6. Transferring the Customer

Commit to consumer queries even while transferring the call. Customer representatives should transfer customers to cater better assistance to them. Few customers will be happy with transferred calls no matter how the later calls are handled. Give assurance of viable actions that will be taken for solving their current problem.

7. Telling Customers NO

Even when the customers have all insights on the products used and how it can be improved, customer representatives should have the product’s vision as their responsibility. Featuring customer requests doesn’t cut but tells them what to do. Don’t give false hopes that end up in customers checking in later and being disappointed again.

8. If Customer Want to Bend the Rules

Reasonable customer requests should be answered with maximum effort. Fulfilling ever-smaller requests will nurture positive interests in the customer. Remember the customer’s perception of business service quality is influenced by the attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and sincerity of the customer representative. Even when customer representatives would have to refuse a request, be empathetic and willing for finding an alternative for lessening the sting of saying NO.

9. Requests for Over-riding Security Policies

The representative’s helpfulness will leave the team open for social engineering if they aren’t much care. While dealing with Products that have different permissions that deal with security or payment responsibilities, hold them steady and tell approval is needed to come from the current account owner.

10. Defective Product Queries

Defective products are disheartening from the customer’s perspective. Display empathy for the customer’s situation along with an immediate explanation to fix the situation. Empathize the customer’s frustrating experience and explain the problem instead of making them assume the bad quality of the product and at last give a clear and immediate solution.

11. Customer Request to Speak to the Manager

If the customer representative thinks they have not been able to solve the customer problem pass the case to their team lead. If the customer requests for the manager for accurate and honest response, take full certainty and authority in telling the supervisor will have the same answer. The team lead should do the same when a call gets transferred to them.

12. Request for Refund that can’t be Provided

When customers ask for a refund that can’t be awarded, be upright in telling them it can’t be offered as an account credit. Offer some time as a fair exchange. Be polite but firm and helpful while providing financial compensation. Also, be ready to make suitable alternatives for helping the consumer. Scripting ensures the achievement of customer satisfaction as per their needs, but exercising flexibility will address customer concerns with the enhanced customer experience driving the overall reputation of the company.

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