9 Ways How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Digital Marketing

Over the past decade, marketing has introduced itself with a large influence from Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence and Analytics are technologies that are usually associated with Digital Marketing. The disruptive technology of Blockchain is most probable to get into diverse markets and industries in the coming years. But most businesses are unaware of diverse ways how BlockChain technology will benefit them. 

As per the studies conducted by Staista, Worldwide businesses and individuals are spending on Blockchain solutions is expected to grow from 4.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 to an estimated 19 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. Enabling transactions between two parties without any kind of third-party verification, blockchain comes in handy with finance and crypto-currencies. But this article will solely focus on how Blockchain Technology can suffice to the requirement of business digital marketing. OURS GLOBAL’s Digital Marketing Services backed up with BlockChin Technology ensures transparency, security, and accessibility of monetary and data flows for businesses. Leveraging the power back to the consumers, blockchain technology will change digital marketing endeavors with better and forever changing progress. 

Following are the Ways How BlockChain Technology will Revolutionize Digital Marketing:    

1. Giving Power Back to Customers 

Blockchain gives value back to customers as they don’t need to surrender their personal data such as phone number, email address, address for making a simple purchase. Companies too, benefit from allowing them for personalized marketing. Even though it disrupts businesses in selling the personal information they gather from clients, it encourages the notion of holistic client relationships. Changing Digital Marketing for good, blockchain technology eliminates every chance businesses can collect data from their clients. Browsers such as Brave  are changing user interaction for good. Giving users the option to opt into viewing ads and receive basic information this technology ensures they not be pelted with online ads. Every time they view an ad, they receive BAT’s otherwise Basic Attention Tokens. Avoiding the trade space for potential ad spaces trades the value of attention. 

Blockchain can also be used for protecting digital rights with the development of a network for decentralized applications. When traditional circumstances, the client is required to surrender their data to certain applications that are later stored on the application’s server. With blockchain technology, the data is returned to the user after they are done using it. This is critical for digital Marketing and barr unethical data-grabbing from clients.     

2. Authentication and Transparency

Blockchain Technology enables clients to buy from fair trade/pay-fare environments. Customers can be successful n knowing any of their queries and many more. Supporting the requirement of verifying where the product is manufactured or grown and other details, businesses can drive customer care initiatives. Ensuring not just to maintain the quality in the product they are buying, Blockchain Technology can also safeguard the integrity of their company and the processes creating them.    

3. Security Improvement

Exempting all possible cyberattacks from the online world, this technology also barrs marketers from click frauds, ie generation of fraudulent charges from an individual’s, computer program’s or generated script’s exploitation with repeated clicking. Avoiding advertising costs, minimizing conversion rates & skewing user data for online businesses integration of blockchain also supports them with open, immutable transactions, prevent scams, identify fraudulent consumers by scanning consumer profiles. Empowering digital marketers for specific consumer data to express permission and discouraging security concerns, this technology also prevents data interception & confidential information tampering by third parties. Thus businesses can use this technology for addressing issues for lack of accountability & extreme levels of fraud with end-to-end transparency.

4. Better Lead Generation

Blockchain Technology makes traditional data collection for ads an old-age method. This method of collecting & combining data for running campaigns proves to be ineffective as such data are inaccurate or unreliable. But decentralized blockchain transactions enables marketers in collecting directly from the customers. Even with a high upfront cost, the return on investment from such campaigns is likely to be higher. With reliable information collected from customers directly, businesses can whip any design software for beginners.   

5. SEO and Keywords

Compiling keywords is a critical and difficult task for marketers. Advertisers must constantly adjust their strategies with shifts in search engine algorithms. The local or national searches are difficult with keeping track of keywords across devices. Advertisers find it hard with educated guesses and assumptions for the compilation of reports with organic SERP rankings much challenging to grasp.  

Blockchain also assists marketers in having accurate numbers and monitor keywords. Accounting for all anomalies that marketers report for summing up their efforts, blockchain-based trackers prove to effective. Driving tracking of keyword positions through devices across diverse platforms, blockchain technology can also be used for building data-driven & precise campaigns. 

6. Transparent Transactions

With a clean operating process throughout the production to supply chain, brands irrespective of their industry niche can get benefited from blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can help digital marketing in showing businesses in the best light possible with positive environmental effects, compliance with labor laws, and other social concerns. Thus blockchain technology presents businesses in the best light with transparent transactions. By nurturing transparent transactions, businesses can get a substantial reputation among audiences & future clients.  

7. Consumer Data And Privacy

Blockchain technology channels help businesses to give the notion of safety to their clients. Whenever users visit business websites or download applications, they will have to surrender their personal information. Such information thus got may help build businesses’ respective customer profiles based on the purchased products and searches made. But if such loss of client information gets into the wrong hands will be quite risky. Businesses can use blockchain technology for avoiding this by guaranteeing customer data to have no infiltration system. Returning control to the user, businesses can choose to share their data with other customers and companies. 

8. Low-Cost Ad Placement

Businesses use online ads for using to reach broader audiences that prompt every ounce of visibility counts. Blockchain technology omits the involvement of third-party websites and businesses can work directly with handlers that offer ad spaces. Eliminating big third-party fees and data access, businesses can also get a comprehensive understanding of customers and information on when to post ads for getting the best response. Removing unnecessary expenses and significantly cutting down ad expenditure, businesses can thus maximize their advertisement ROI.  

9. Social Media

Users post, discover, and interact with conventional social media surveillance on open networks such as SocialX. Whereas another platform such as Synereo monetizes viral content for expecting only the best as popular contents are rose through the ranks. Influencing data and viral content, digital marketing campaigns must ensure whether the customer base can have used over them. Blockchain technology enables marketers to data collection and changes the way how they receive leads.  

With the technology of Blockchain, businesses can maintain cybersecurity, data protection, and transparency among their digital marketing technologies. Helping businesses in consolidating customer trust in the digital world, this technology also presents online ad authenticity, brand transparency, encourages cross-promotion along with influencers, and recompenses customers with data sharing capabilities. Giving users and advertisers, control over data, Blockchain also presents marketing organizations with newer options for the autonomous advertising market, and for maximizing product authenticity and drive corporate communications. Thus with secure, transparent, and trustful competencies, blockchain technology drives businesses to positive results with effective Digital Marketing. OURS GLOBAL’s Digital Marketing Services drives custom business strategies and data-driven insights for helping businesses impact metrics that do matter the most, from traffic to revenue. Ping us right away to partner with us. 

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