6 Major Types Of Mobile Applications on Industry Specific Functionalities

Applications are a critical part of the newer generation’s daily life. Diverse types of mobile applications flood the market, encouraging businesses to incorporate applications for getting into the game. Each business must stay ahead of technological trends for sufficing customer requirements for applications to smoothening lives perfectly. This article is aimed at acknowledging businesses based on the niches of applications that can be into an increasingly vast array of categories. Businesses must have a clear understanding before beginning the process of application development. Determining the desired characteristics and where that respective mobile application fit is a critical step towards transitioning an idea into reality. Readers can immerse in how major types of mobile applications can help businesses in the determination of the category your mobile application belongs to. The establishment and sorting of regular users are vital for an application’s successful monetization. As per the studies put forward by Build fire, there are about 3.2 Million Smartphone users in the world, and mobile applications are expected to generate 935 million dollars in revenue in 2023. When there are 2.87 apps for download in Google Store, there are 1.96 applications is in the Apple App Store. OURS GLOBAL’s Mobile Application Development Services deliver a diverse range of development services comprising of custom mobile development on iOS or Android platforms, development of cross-platform applications, designing user experience, and integrating novel mobile interfaces for chatting and voice.

Following Are The Six Major Types of Mobile Applications on Industry Specific Functionalities: 

1. Productivity Mobile Applications

While Productivity Mobile Applications is a popular category, the main characteristic that makes it different is how these applications assist users in the quick and efficient accomplishment of even the most mundane tasks. Productivity applications from Google and Apple such as Docs, Sheets & Wallet/Pay, and other applications such as Evernote and Wunderlist. Such indispensable applications, when done right can enable users for the easy, quick, and efficient accomplishment of tasks. Supporting users in getting from Point A to Point done along with convenient features trumps every other type of mobile application with creativity and innovative approaches.   

2. News/Information Mobile Applications 

Supplying users with news and information in easy-to-understand layouts, News and information apps help them efficiently navigate to the things they care about most. Applications such as Buzzfeed, Smart news, Google News & Weather, Feedly, Flipboard, Yahoo News Digest, Reddit, LinkedIn Pulse are some examples of popular news applications. While developing news applications, businesses must find newer ways for uniquely communicating with their users. Searching for opportunities is the right way of delivering them. Creating uniquely styled news along with innovative reporting approaches will give users a fresh feel every time they commit to an application encouraging them for later tries. 

3. Lifestyle Mobile Applications

Gaining strength over the years, Lifestyle Applications drives acceleration or support individual facets for defining their lifestyle. Such mobile applications are related to Fitness, Dating, Food, Music, Travel, etc. Taking a major part of each user’s lifestyle such applications encourage users for turning up on a daily basis for helping them find the latest songs, restaurants, or destinations. Businesses who are developing a lifestyle application must prepare themselves with whatever to wow the user. Some of the Lifestyle apps are Spotify, Tripadvisor, and Uber.

4. Social Media Mobile Applications 

Being the most popular mobile application available. such applications can help to build social networks opening up chances for daily checkups. 

With more and more active daily users, social media applications are required to be fun, fast, and continually integrate with expanding features of the social network. As society is being more and more open in sharing their day-to-day lives, such applications are slowly changing with social sharing functionality. While varied applications allow users for sharing a product, high score, or news item over the social network, making it easy for users to share something of passion without having to leave the app.

The addition of social sharing features to applications, in event of catering services or selling products, can enable users for sharing them with their networks. Encouraging users to share, again and again, such functionalities brings them back. Some common social media applications include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

5. Utility Mobile Applications

Mostly mobile applications that come pre-installed on devices for serving singular functions, Utility Mobile Applications include everything from reminders, calculator, flashlight, and weather. Such mobile applications are used often for a short time and users can increase the frequency of such applications in order to monetize it.

6. Games/Entertainment Mobile Apps

With the gaming and entertainment sector growing huge day by day and competition rising up Games and Entertainment applications is not anymore a joke. Gaming mobile applications are gaining importance because the newer generation users come back multiple times each week, sometimes multiple times per day. Awarding incentives to users who come back to play every day or a certain number of days in a row can be a good strategy for increasing application usage. Famous game applications include PubG, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, etc.

We believe our readers have acknowledged the major categories of mobile applications that are available on the market. Businesses can help themselves in the determination of categories their application fits into and newer approaches for helping their applications to get more attention from the crowd. Businesses who are not competent in Application Development and want more focus on their core operations can consider OURS GLOBAL Mobile Application Development Services. We develop Cross-Platform and Hybrid Applications for helping businesses target multiple platforms with a unified code base for iOS and Android platforms. We deliver multi-purpose cross-platform mobile applications with the application of various frameworks, including Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Appcelerator, Phone Gap, and more. Ping us right away for your Mobile Application Development requirements.

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