Python, Java, or Javascript – Which Programming Language Suits Your Business?

With a wide variety of choices over programming languages, businesses are required to choose the appropriate one that suits the magnitude of their experimental projects. While opting for a programming language from all these options, businesses and organizations should consider commercial factors that deliver overall joy and optimum efficiency in everyday business practices as well as for the long-term too. This article is built for businesses that require business software/ official websites and is in doubt for choosing which programming language should be chosen. As per studies conducted by Statista, businesses spend 517 billion US dollars in 2020 on enterprise software and in which 70% percent were used for developing applications based on Java Programming language. OURS GLOBAL’s Software Application Development Services, study client problems for strategizing, creating & developing custom software applications as per business requirements.

To start with as a dedication for businesses, this article will infer about programming languages and how each niche of applications can deliver a critical advantage out of their business niche. 

Following is What Python, Java, or JavaScript and Which programming Language Suits Your Business:


This popular programming language can be used for web development (server-side), software development, mathematics, and system scripting. With Python programming language, programmers can develop web applications, use it along with software for creating workflows, used it on servers for developing web applications, enables connection with database systems for comprehensive reading and modification. Smoothening big data handling can also be used for complex mathematics, rapid prototyping, or for production-ready software development.

Empowering businesses to work on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc its robust syntax has quite a resemblance to the proper English language. This easily readable syntax allows developers to write the overall programs with fewer lines rather than other programming languages. Running on an interpreter system, codes are executed as soon as it is written allowing quick prototyping. 

Designed specifically for readability, with similarities to standard English language along with inspiration from mathematics, Python incorporates newer lines for completing a command much indifferent to other programming languages which only use semicolons and parentheses. Python relies on indentation with whitespace for defining scope ranging from the scope of loops, functions, and classes. Curly brackets are the option programming language often use for this purpose.


This general-purpose, object-oriented, class-based, concurrent, and runtime environment (JRE) is completely based on Java Virtual Machine. This popular and programming language supports many industries ranging from banking, retail, information technology, financial services, stock market, scientific to research communities. This programming language deals with operations such as transaction management, billing, implementation dependencies, writing algorithms, and coping with huge data. This object-oriented language much similar to C++ is advanced and has simplified features. They are easier to access and much appropriately run on multiple platforms. JAVA programming involves concurrent execution rather than sequential execution.

Following the basic logic of Write once, Run anywhere methodology this computing platform with compiled codes develops high-end software applications. This also eliminates all complexities such as pointers, operator, and all hassles related to writing in one platform and allowing easy transport into another. 

In JAVA, each object posses a particular state, behavior, and all the application development operations that should be done side-by-side using these objects. After the compilation phase, each code is converted to byte-codes not understandable by humans thus preventing activities from un-trusted sources without the use of explicit pointers and running the programs. Java also drives all opportunities of developing virus-free, tamper-free systems/applications. Java also has the ability for adapting to evolving environments with dynamic memory allocation ensuring less memory wastage and driving high application performance. With several features for application development, this programming language incorporates Remote Method Invocation (RMI), which invokes the method of one program across multiple networks and gets the resultant output. This also allows access for users for accessing files with calling methods from varying machines on the internet.

JAVA script

Java is dynamic, lightweight, and most commonly used computer programming language which is extensively used as a part of web pages, whose implementations support client-side script for interaction with the user and make dynamic pages. This interpreted programming language benefits with a series of object-oriented capabilities. First known as Live-Script, later got renamed as JavaScript. Among this lightweight, interpreted programming language Client-side JavaScript the most common language form in which the script referenced by an HTML document for the code can be interpreted by the browser. A web page requires not to be a static HTML but must include programs for side-by-side interaction with the user, control the browser, and dynamically develop HTML content. With JavaScript client-side mechanism, users can get many advantages over traditional CGI server-side scripts. Executing JavaScript Code when users submit the form, these valid entries are submitted to the web browser. Tracking explicit and implicit user-initiated interactions such as button clicks, link navigation, and other actions JavaScript empowers users such as:

Lesser server interaction: Validating user input before sending the page off to the server saves the server from traffic, minimizing the load on the server.

Immediate visitor feedback: Saving uptime of visitors, they don’t have to wait for reloading the pages if they have forgotten to enter something.
More interactivity: With interfaces that react when the user hovers over them with a hardware

Richer interfaces: Allowing users for dragging-and-dropping components and sliders gives a richer Interface for site visitors.

JavaScript has many backdrops as it cannot be taken as a full-fledged programming language as it lacks many of the features. Without allowing the reading or writing of files these are kept for security reasons These cannot be used for networking applications as there is no such available support. With no multi-threading or multiprocessor capabilities, this interpreted programming language allows building interactivity into otherwise static HTML pages.

Java Javascript Python
Strong typed language and variables should be declared before using it in the program. In Java, the variable type is checked during compile-time. JavaScript is weakly typed language and have more relaxed syntax and rules This general-purpose coding language is an easily readable language that often uses English keywords but does not use curly brackets for delimiting blocks, and semicolons.
Object-oriented programming language. JavaScript is an object-based scripting language. Python language construction involves object-oriented approaches for helping programmers with clear, logical codes.
Applicable to run in any virtual machine (JVM) or browser. JavaScript code is also well suiting to run only in the browser, but now it can run on the server via Node.js. Running embedded Python within an HTML document enables running its browsers.
Class-based Java objects for program development in java. JavaScript Objects are prototype-based. Python is object-oriented.
The file extension of “.Java” and translates source code into byte codes which are executed by Java Virtual Machine. With the file extension of .js JavaScript, files are not compiled but interpreted. Each browser has a JavaScript interpreter for executing JS code. The file extension format for Python is PY. These files can be created in any text editor, and need Python interpreters.
Java is a Standalone language. This is contained within a web page and integrates with its HTML content Python can be used with HTML for web applications.
Consumes more memory Consumes less memory while using it on web pages Python monitors memory consumption of processes as well as drives analysis of memory consumption for python programs.
Java has a thread-based approach to concurrency Event-based approaches for concurrency Python has concurrent approaches for concurrency.

Java is currently the leading programming language among the other two. Java and Python respectively are general-purpose programming languages. Java is a statically typed language that declares all variable names explicitly whereas is a dynamically typed language and does not declare variable names explicitly. The performance and speed of these programming languages differ. Program developers use additional frameworks and tools for using it for mobile app development. Outsource software application development services to OURS GLOBAL‘s Software Development Services, a leading software development company with 10+ years of experience. We offer assistance over web application development, mobile application development, SaaS application development, e-Commerce development, cloud application development, and software testing services to clients across the globe.

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