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Back Office BPO Outsourcing Services

OURS GLOBAL’s broad spectrum of back office services envelops extensive data entry services which drive a significant impact to drive your business towards successes. Promoting your business efficiency and improved bottom-lines through quality BPO services such as data management, purchase orders management, orders, forms or credit card processing we can assist you in reaching target towards its goals. Strengthening your back office administrations through customized approaches our services can match your business requirements with adherence towards industry regulations and security protocols.

Saving you from unwanted costs of workforce and technology these back office BPO services leads your enterprises towards optimum efficiency. Running back end operations as your own team our professionals will always ensure to deliver quality back end services irrespective of your geographical location. Always updated with technology & software we can assure you maximum data security and confidentiality while managing your custom operations.

Come to know the BPO services we provide:

  • Catalog management Building, maintaining and updating of your product data base with accurate information of product details and specifications our catalog management services avoids you from restrictions of time and expenditure of paper catalogues, online catalogue management.
  • Data mining Our extensive data mining services adds value to your client operations by summarizing financial, marketing and other business information from other B2B and B2C websites, online portals, networks, blogs and forums to deliver a firm knowledge base.
  • Data Entry Providing accurate, timely and cost effective data entry services our professionals ensure fewer errors, faster turnarounds and better overall outputs
  • Data management Our data entry services assist you in acquirement, validation, storing, protecting and processing of required data to ensure you maximum accessibility, reliability and timeliness of data
  • Transaction processing & management services Our transaction processing and management services involve processing of transactions to maintain a system’s integrity by ensuring success in independent operations. Offering customized information as per your requirement we can develop efficient management, avoid misinterpretation of expectations and priorities and clarify your communications.
  • Billing and Invoicing services Our invoice processing services enables you in fast and accurate management of customs invoices to leverage your core business goals. Our billing and invoicing sub-services include:
    • Separation and Indexing
    • RMD Real time
    • RMD Front End Entry
    • Harmonized System code classification/Rating
    • NAFTA verification and Registration
  • Purchase order Processing services Our purchase order data entry services can assist you in accessing digitized information easily and drive efficient streamline of finance processes as other sister operations for enabling your finance team to organize different type of invoices for quick access, retrieval and channeling in to other business application and divisions.
  • Data Conversion and Document digitization Solve the problem of handling unorganized information that can hinder your business processes with our Data Conversion and Document Digitization services. Modifying your data in to compressed and portable form in fast turnaround time we enable you for easy management of your documents.
  • Document Indexing and Archiving services Our Document indexing and archiving services can assist your businesses for digitizing documents while ensuring simple archiving, access and retention of data. This service also enables you to process for searching, access and retrieve information by enhancing the productivity of your organization.
  • Application Processing Our application processing services are designed to bring out your business results in one or more business functions. This service can validate your transactions after it’s completed.
  • Data base management Our effective data base management services can organize and manage data effectively for enabling you future use during transition. This service successfully drives successful maintenance of your company’s information management capabilities.
  • OCR Services OCR services can drive your businesses to success stories by storing your data for future use for successful back office data management. Optimizing accuracy and time by faster conversion our OCR services will enable to differentiate between page layouts, symbols, languages and font styles.
  • Retail and Ecommerce Our 24*7 call center services will create a seamless experience for your client enhancing your brand value and retention of customers.
  • Accounting Data Entry Our accurate data entry services enable you to store all your account details for further inspection and validation.


Banking and Finance

Image Staying ahead with cutting edge technology to deliver improved customer experience we help banking and finance businesses to transform their operations through end to end solution for all their main support functions.


Image Our Insurance back office BPO Services can benefit your insurance businesses through optimized process efficiency by ensuring growth through efficient business operations. Catering services throughout diverse insurance product carriers such as car/automobile insurance, health insurance, homeowner insurance, general insurance, first party insurance, life insurance etc we always ensure maximum customer satisfaction while ensuring compliance with insurance regulatory requirements.


Image Eliminating complexity in your healthcare business operations, our services can enrich resource allocation and boost financial performances in your health care businesses by reducing administration costs for healthcare providers and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Manufacturing & Chemical

Image Streamlining complicated and time consuming tasks, we can assist you to develop a competitive advantage over your competitors with effective finance and accounting services, call center services and back office data management that will increase the efficiency of these operations while reducing costs.

Travel & Hospitality

Image Adopting high end technology, our travel & hospitality BPO solutions will improve your operations, customer service, assets maintenance and generate sustainable profitability. Enhancing business credibility amongst your clients we can take advantage of high end multichannel communication facilities for assisting your customers to always stay in touch. Satisfying diversifying needs of your Tourism & hospitality businesses our hospitality & travel BPO Services can capitalize on unexploited potential of domestic & international market.

Media & Entertainment

Image Enabling your Media and entertainment businesses on building core competencies and streamlining other support processes our integral service operations can guide you to attain high quality output and data security through integral service operations. Entertainment & Gaming studios, publishing companies, information services, market research firms and digital media companies can benefit from our BPO services.


Image Influencing the clients of your energy and Utilities Company, our 24*7 back office services acknowledges the demands of your industry such as master data management, risk and expense management and integration of valuable data with the use of advanced metering infrastructure system. We cater our services to transmission & distribution service providers, electricity providers, public utilities, water suppliers, pipeline companies, oil and gas companies and many more.

Logistics & Customs brokerage

Image Our logistics and customs brokerage back office BPO services can add a tremendous value to your logistic businesses through streamlined logistics services to enhance your supply chain. Giving paramount importance towards security, quality and accuracy while delivering our logistics support services for road, ocean, air and rail logistics we will reduce your operational costs and streamline your supply chain.


Image Partner with us for your back office service requirements to keep your businesses always updated with changing customer demands and emerging technologies. Building your core capabilities over limited resources we can assist you in reaching optimum process efficiency by avoiding bumps and hiccups that might impede from your success.


Image Focusing on your aim of maximizing student enrollments and delivering high quality education within your staff and resource constraints or back office services will enable your businesses to advance toward organizational objectives. We offer cost effective back office services for various organizations in educational sector such as colleges, schools, academies, universities, online training providers etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing your back Office services to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Over a decade of experience in delivering qualitative BPO Services
  • Cost effective and Affordable services as per your demands
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which assures maximum quality while delivery of services
  • Maximum customer satisfaction through result oriented strategies
  • Efficient Management of high pressure works in a fast turnaround time
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality
  • Tracking results of digital marketing strategies with analytics and insightful reports
  • Every digital marketing practices we initiate for your brand will be of your acknowledgement
  • Well trained personnel with assistance of latest technologies and processes
  • Comprehensive planning processes to ensure business continuity

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