9 Ways How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Assist Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still pursuing its early stages of adoption by businesses in their operations. Businesses are quite excited about the implementation of AI in their business functions and reap optimum benefits. As per Accenture expert reports, AI expected to increase business productivity by 40%, prior to 2035. This article aims at acknowledging to readers how artificial intelligence & machine learning will enhance business functions, effectively. When taking AI through for improvement of business capabilities rather than technologies, this technology will cater to critical business requirements of automating business processes, identifying insights, and better engaging with customers and employees.

Below stated are some of the ways AI will assist your business competencies:

1. IT Operations

Incorporating AI ops for IT operations can drive effective log file error analysis, with IT systems management operations as well as automation of many routine processes. Identifying issues and through the proactive way of fixing them during IT system operations, AI will empower your business in becoming more complex and improves overall system performance and services.

2. Marketing

Using artificial intelligence in marketing, efficient AI will assist to develop marketing strategies, and effectively executing them. Sorting customers according to their interest or demographic, this technology can be used for targeted ads based on browsing history, and powers recommendation engines. AI also assists marketing through chat-bots which solve problems, suggest products or services, and thus drive more sales. Analyzing data from consumer behavior faster and more accurately than humans, the insights developed can assist companies in developing strategies in marketing campaigns to make them more effective or plan better for the future.

3. Sales

Equipping business for online sales of products and services that is uniquely human, but artificial intelligence can support sales professionals with business insights that can improve the sales function. This technology assists in the improvement of sales forecasting, predict customer needs and improve communication. Guiding sales professionals in the efficient management of time and identity, AI will give accurate insights into whom to follow up as well as which customers can be converted to better sales deals.

4. Research and Development (R&D)

Innovation in business operations always leaves room for positive results. Assisting businesses in harnessing a deeper understanding in nearly any industry niches, ranging from healthcare and pharmaceuticals, financial, automotive, etc, AI efficiently collects and analyzes information accurately irrespective of volume. The information thus collected can be used for researches purposes and develop innovative solutions. Automating a wide array of tasks will open door to newer ways in the improvement of products and services as well as accomplishing desired results. Businesses can always ensure their R & D operations to be more strategic and effective.

5. Human Resources

With the potential of enhancing the efficiency of human resources activities right from recruitment to talent management, AI saves money by automating repetitive tasks. MNC companies such as Pepsi uses AI for telephonic interviews through personalized experiences designed as per employer requirements. As an addition, AI can also be used in helping human resource departments with data-based decision-making and candidate screening and smoothen recruitment processes. The use of chatbots can also be used as an interface for replying to answers to queries regarding company policies and benefits.

6. Contact Centers

Artificial intelligence is already in use in the contact center of many business organizations. Incorporating AI technology to contact centers will enhance these operations without the replacement of the human workforce. Collecting a wide array of data for learning more intensively about customers, AI predicts customer decisions and improves operations for better customer engagement. Bulk raw data thus collected from contact centers are subjected for analyzing and studying customer buyer trends for improvement of product/services.

7. Building Maintenance

AI facilitates management of buildings and control lighting, security, heating/cooling systems, and optimization of energy usage & occupant comfort with blended usage of IoT and sensors. Co-relating data thus collected, the AI system will adjust the building’s systems for inhabiting occupants, time of day, and more. This system also drives the facilitation in the improvement of energy efficiency of buildings.

8. Manufacturing

Usage of data analytics at diverse stages of the manufacturing process right from supply chains to inventory tracking, AI’s predictive intelligence will fluctuate overall production up or down as per the demand. With the use of sensors on equipment, manufactures can also predict maintenance requirements and flag areas of concern at any stage of the manufacturing process. This technology also ensures adherence to quality through control assurance processes.

9. Accounting and Finance

Assuring cost reductions and optimum efficiency in operations, the Accounting and finance sector are slowly choosing artificial intelligence in their workplaces. Freeing finance professionals from repetitive tasks, AI enables them to focus on higher-level competency while optimum reducing of errors. Updating every department with the real-time status of financial operations through hassle-free communication, AI also ensures the processing of human languages.

We at OURS GLOBAL believe our study over the reach of Artificial Intelligence in business operations will help businesses in harnessing excellence from it. Incorporating AI technologies will eventually reap benefits for businesses’ information-intensive domains ranging from marketing, health care, financial services, education, to professional services. Overlooking industry and function—overseeing routine transactions, time-to-time customer query answering and data extraction, AI assists other technologies including IoT, mobile, multi-channel consumer technologies, mobile and multi-channel consumer technologies. With smart machines taking operations that traditionally come under human attention, OURS GLOBAL’s AI services will ensure businesses benefit with the right planning and development assuring optimum production, work satisfaction, and prosperity.

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