5 Ways How 360 Degree Panoramic Retouching Support Business Marketing

Modern world businesses are opting for newer technologies for generating innovative approaches for attracting customers. Irrespective of the niche of businesses with a storefront presence, one of the following advancements of 360° Photography or virtual tours are becoming an increasingly effective marketing tool. This article is aimed at acknowledging businesses on how businesses can get positive results from their business marketing campaigns from 360 degree Panoramic images.

Incorporating 360° photography on social media and other web platforms will assist businesses in introducing newer products or encourage clients to take a tour of all the scenes of the businesses. When applied in web pages 360-degree photos also develop interactive, encouraging, and memorable experiences for clients which will indirectly website visitors for staying a website a few moments longer.

Marketing ideology of application a 360 degree is a mainstream consumer marketing strategy that assures success or authority in a particular industry. Google’s independent study over statics states the effectiveness of virtual tours. The study revealed the viewers who had a virtual tour are more interested in booking a reservation. The age group of 18-34 year-olds prospects is 130% who books reservation impressed with virtual tours. The study also found that 67% want more businesses to incorporate virtual tours. OURS GLOBAL’s 360 Degree Panorama Stitching Services create a continuous image by enhancement technique ensuring the final image to have uniform textures, colors, tones, and exposure. Clients are actively appreciating virtual tours while visiting not just our company websites but others too.

Following are the Five Ways How 360 Degree Panoramic Retouching Support Business Marketing:

1. Unlimited possibilities for audiences

360-degree photos are an excellent marketing tool for hotels, construction sites, universities, airlines, manufacturers, and other businesses for displaying their goods or services. These also give customers a wide array of opportunities to choose from. Instead of a dozen of regular photos, a single 360° photo summarizes a plenty of details. 360-degree photos enhance not only the overall view but make it easier for consumers more into the setting, giving a glimpse of diving into the desired atmosphere. Catching customer’s attention and welcoming them for experiencing virtual tours enhance their point of view regarding the place/product/service. This will also give them a better understanding before making any more decisions.

2. Competitive Advantage

With 360° photography marketing tools, businesses can get a better competitive edge over their competitors, who are not utilizing this business concept in their marketing campaigns in terms of product and service awareness. As told before 360-degree content in social platforms fetch more results as customers are given the chance to re-visit places or events and examine the details in 360°. With unique experiences, businesses can take advantage of this effective approach to gain newer potential customers.

3. Opting for the Right marketing platform

Respective social platforms have their own specific group of audiences. With comprehensive awareness of effective platforms to post its content will empower companies more in their marketing campaigns. While using Social Media Platforms for promoting services/products through 360° images businesses can summarize with a lot of detailing and thus can attain a lot of audience’s attention much easier. Encouraging viewers to share, comment, or ask questions, these posts leads to boost brand awareness and customer engagement. This effective marketing tool will not only save the time of their audiences but also themselves. Writing long articles, developing infographics, and many photos for making customers befriending with marketing campaigns demand more time and effort. But 360-degree photos will invite more attention to the content. Basically, 360° photos perform much better, gains more customer interactions than conventional photos. The majority of marketers who market with 360° videos get an increased engagement for them.

4. Maximum Customer Loyalty

With 360 degree posting from time to time regularly on a company social platform gives audiences an immersive experience and indirectly infers the businesses will be present in the market for a long time and is not going to disappear tomorrow. This effective indicator maximizes customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this approach, the customer will nurture the belief that the company will provide the latest updates and trends.

5. Credibility

Businesses can utilize this technology for conveying the message that business is much updated and open for innovation. Effective utilization of newer technology gives customers the impression that businesses are utilizing cutting-edge technology and is supposed to be active for a long time. This technique thus builds more trust and credibility in the brand.

Many businesses can benefit from 360-degree technology such as Airliners, Builders, pavers, double glazers, Business Tours agencies, Construction, Car sales, Cinemas & other entertainment companies, Real Estate Agents, Foodservice, Garages/Car Repairs, Pubs Colleges, Private Schools, Private trainers, Schools, Universities, Wedding Planners, Private Care Homes, Private Hospitals, B&B’s, Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Campsites & Caravan Parks, Cruise Liners & Ferry companies, Football/Rugby/Cricket Stadiums, Golf Courses, Gyms, Holiday Resorts, Leisure Centers, Spas, Tanning/Hair Dressers, Theme Parks, Coffee shops, Shops/Farm Shops/clothes/supermarkets for driving more footfall, up-sell and repeat visits/purchases.

The recent studies conducted by Google on business advertising campaigns on normal and 360 virtual reality content found that 360-degree content motivates viewers to engage more and interact. They have also implemented a new metric termed interaction rates, which measures how users to tilt, scroll phones around are comparably higher than the view-through rates of 360-degree advertisements. Thus 360 degree drives more viewer engagement even if they won’t engage the longer time of 30 seconds. Google’s 360 advertisements drove considerably more earned customer engagement than the standard advertisements. The studies also found that personal messaging applications such as WhatsApp and iOS messenger are listed as the most traffic sources for the 360-degree version contents. Make your 360-degree advertisements to be more efficient with its cost-per-view feature by partnering with OURS GLOBAL‘s 360 Degree Panorama Stitching Services for boosting organic and paid views to fetch the best results.

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