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Photo Manipulation Services

A simple process of perfecting simple editing techniques on images in order to enhance the same by either analog or digital means can be termed as photo manipulation services. Whatever your business is and how large it is? OURS GLOBAL team of photo editors can create skillfully manipulated digital images in order to make your customers aware of your services, products, equipments, infrastructure and facilities. Providing best in class image manipulation services OURS GLOBAL service providers always strive forward to ensure aesthetic nature among all photos. Accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certifications and experienced for over 10+ years our image manipulation services are reviewed as both cost efficient and less time consuming (processed images delivered in less than 24hrs). Outsourcing your photo manipulation services to OURS GLOBAL can enhance the general customer perception toward your company.

Benefits of using Image Manipulation Services

  • Time saving, effortless and demands less manpower.
  • Depending on the complexity of the image you can get faster TAT product delivery
  • 24*7 dedications towards your work demands
  • Expert image manipulation services for custom websites, stock photo sites and online website galleries.

How do OURS GLOBAL’S photo manipulation services enhance the look and professionalism of your images?

With the help of extensive photo editing software and high end infrastructure to carry out complex and intricate  

  • Addition of watermarks

Adding watermarks to your website images could distinguish and safeguard your images being used up by others illegally. Our professionals include watermarks to images as if it blends to each pixels of your image.

  • Addition and removal of objects

Coined as one of the most repeatedly asked request, addition and removal of objects can eliminate unwanted objects so that it can’t distract attention from your images. Apart from elimination, our professionals can manipulate the image background by addition or replacement of objects and thus modify the image.

  • Smoothening of edges

Why reject a perfectly desiring image only because of sharp edges? Helping hands from our skilled professionals can utilize high end photo editing tools and several photo editing techniques to pull off each client’s most complex photo manipulation demands.

  • Cropping and color scheming

Irrespective of the scope and size of your requirements OURS GLOBAL service team can provide matchless color schemes and cropping services too.

  • Elimination of jagged images

With our skilled, effective and experienced workforce any of your photo manipulation needs can successfully be coordinated. Overlapping images can help you get best looking images without any split edges.

  • Shadow creation

To add liveliness aesthetic appeal towards the audience addition of shadows are somewhat crucial. We can help you with our expertise and experience in photo manipulation services can pull of project deliveries with ease.  

  • Photo collage creation

Assign your photo collage creation services to OURS GLOBAL to create unique collages and let your Photo collages have a personalized touch to it.

  • Album design services

We provide different kinds of design options to various professional photographers’ and get the best output of their work. You can either choose to design the album yourself or enlist our team of experts to do the job for you.

  • Stock photo retouching

Showcasing your product with a pure white background, proper color with realistic shadows and exposure our photo editors are skilled enough to make every color in images as vibrant as possible. These services remove noise, dust spots, blemishes; adjust curves and correct colors.  

Industries in which OURS GLOBALS photo manipulation services help

As our expertise in work elevates with each work we attend to, we do remember to look on to our standards. These are some clients who use OURS GLOBALS photo manipulation services that come from following businesses

  • Real estate businesses
  • Online apparel business
  • Online gadget and electronic store
  • Portrait photographic services
  • Publishing houses
  • Online sports store
  • Online furniture store
  • Online Automobile store

How do OURS GLOBALS photo manipulation services work?

  • Working with TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, raw digital files and other major image formats to maximize our efficiency. Conversion of images and files from one format to the desired one is also possible.
  • High end tools like Photoshop CS6, Creative suite 6, Chromatic a and KPT used
  • Well qualified designers experienced in lighting, printing, retouching, color and perspective correction.  

Why OURS GLOBAL services for your photo manipulation works?

  • Suitable retouched images for commercial sale or micro-stock use.
  • Rapid TAT (Turn Around TIME) delivery
  •  Well reviewed services from customers across the world
  • Strengthened from creative and dynamic team of professionals
  • Stringent measures to maintain quality
  • Custom based 24*7 tailored services


Are all your image manipulation requirements searching for a perfect service provider? Without compromising on the quality of the desired object our team of professionals can deliver you images that can be used for various marketing methods like advertisements, catalogues, online brochures and newspapers. So why don’t you couple your hands with best photo manipulation services, OURS GLOBAL services.

OURS GLOBAL’S photo manipulation services are recognized for its well-reviewed customers all over the world, rapid TAT delivery, transparent and collaborative approach. We serve clients irrespective of their size and location from across the world including USA, UK, France, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

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